The Hobbit Restaurant


Does The Hobbit accept reservations?
Yes, we accept reservations by phone and they are strongly recommended.  (410-524-8100)

Is there a dress code?
We recommend smart casual or business casual. As long as men are not in tank tops or sweatpants you are just fine to come in! We also ask that you remove your hat if possible.

What year was The Hobbit founded?

How did The Hobbit Restaurant get its name?
The owner put the name of a few books he had read while in high school and college in a hat and pulled out "The Hobbit".

Is The Hobbit Restaurant still under the same ownership?
Yes, it is still a family run business under the same ownership since its opening in 1977.

Was the original Hobbit Restaurant in the same location as the current Hobbit?
No, the original Hobbit was actually on 82nd street in the building right on Coastal Highway where Fat Daddy's is currently located.  The second version of the Hobbit, built in 1983, was in the same location as the current Hobbit and was a free standing building that had about four times the amount of seating capacity.

Is there a gift shop or clothing available?
Unfortunately we do not have space for a gift shop in the current location but we will have T-shirts available.  Just ask your server, bartender or host.

How long has the current Hobbit been open?
The second Hobbit closed in the Fall of 2005 and the current Hobbit has been open since April 2008.

Who is the current chef?
Jason Purkey who has been with The Hobbit Restaurant since 2014.

Who designed the new Hobbit?
The owners

Can we accommodate private parties?
Yes, The Hobbit has hosted countless private parties and wedding receptions.  If you are looking to inquire about a party, simply fill out a private party form online under the "Parties" section and The Hobbit will contact you in a timely fashion.

Do we still offer Early Birds?
Yes, we offer Early Birds everyday from 5-5:45.

Do we offer vegetarian and gluten free dishes?
Yes, we offer both vegetarian and gluten free dishes.  Your server will be more than happy to point them out.